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About flo.

flo.'s aim is to help support others on their portfolio journeys - providing useful resources, bespoke support and in-depth guidance. 

Whether you want to create a professional career portfolio or just need that little bit of advice for a university project, flo.'s here to help. Creative templates, strategy consultation, content guides - you name it, it's all here! So if you want to create the perfect portfolio, you've came to the right place.

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How can flo. help you? 

Insights & Advice.

Learn and perfect your own portfolio skills with flo.'s guidance and expertise.

Portfolio Templates

flo. offers a range of templates with frameworks to help you get started on your portfolio journey.

Downloadable Resources.

Need a portfolio brush up or general support on how to get started? Check out our FREE portfolio guide!

Marketing Insights.

Learn more about the world marketing & how you can get into the industry.

You don't need to be a designer to create a portfolio.





What is flo. all about?


flo. will bring relevant expertise, guidance and support to help you navigate and develop your own portfolio.


flo. is build from passion, creativity and experience. It's a part-time hobby that's fuelled from the desire to help others.


Everyone should have access to the right tools to develop their own portfolio/s as a resource for career progression.


flo.'s ultimate purpose is to help creative and like-minded individuals interested in portfolios or marketing or both!

What people say about flo.

Just wanted to say thanks for all your advice on creating a marketing portfolio.


I made one for my interview at L'Oreal after watching your TikTok and they were so impressed - I got the job!

I graduated in May, and I've been applying for jobs. After reviewing your content and making myself a portfolio...

I start on the 1st of Sep.

Thanks so much flo.

I used your portfolio to create my own portfolio. 

It seems to be able to convey my point as I just got a job offer as a PR consultant.

Thank you for providing your guide for free.