The Branding Template

The Branding Template


The Branding Template is perfect for creatives who are eager to demonstrate design-focused content and skills. Not only is it a great career tool for you to showcase your creative capabilities, but it's also a detailed framework that can help you understand what goes into building a brand. 



From developing visual elements such as logos, brand imagery and marketing collateral to understanding brand values, purpose and goals - it truly gives you a great overview of how to sculpt a successful brand identity.



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  • Overview


    This chapter involves sculpting a brand identity/aesthetic for your campaign/business/project - defining a purpose, logo and aesthetic that your audience will resonate with. It was originally designed as part of a startup research strategy but has been modified to accommodate a range of projects, best suited to marketing campaigns and business plans.


    What's inside?


    The template comprises 34 pages in total, these include sections touching on website development, video content, consumer feedback (branding focus), brand protection, consumer profile and more.