The Idea Generation Template

The Idea Generation Template


The Idea Generation Template provides you with a brainstorming framework to develop the foundations of a marketing strategy or business. It's a perfect resource for those wanting to turn an idea into something tangible as it provides a range of guidance to spark creativity and innovative thinking. 


This template directs you on the process of developing an idea with step-by-step guidance and action points on every page. 


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  • Overview


    The Concept portfolio template is a simple but detailed framework to help support people turn marketing/business ideas into something actionable. It's an in-depth brainstorming plan that can be adapted to suit any industry, project or business. It involves assessing, evaluating and applying the relevant skills, assets and outputs needed for a specific concept and ultimately, will determine what the project will entail.


    What's inside?


    The template comprises 21 pages in total and includes a range of useful development tools such as mind-mapping, skills analysis, service breakdown, personal evaluation and more.