The Pricing Strategy Template

The Pricing Strategy Template


The Pricing Strategy Template is suited to those who have an interest in the financial, data or forecasting side of marketing as it helps you understand the considerations for establishing a price for a product or budget for a campaign. 


This template directs you on how to develop a pricing framework for a particular business model or alternatively, a budget for a specific marketing campaign. From understanding customer pain points to learning more about pricing theory, this template is a simple guide for developing a basic pricing strategy. 


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  • Overview


    This chapter enables you to develop a price plan for your business or a budget for your marketing campaign. The sub-sections provide frameworks for you to research pricing theories and industry insights, which then can be translated into a financial/budget plan. 


    What's inside?


    The template comprises of 24 pages in total. These include pages sub-sections on pricing theories, gaining industry advice/insight, audience analysis and pricing implementation.