The Situation Analysis Template

The Situation Analysis Template


The Situation Analysis Template is ideal for business-minded individuals looking to demonstrate research and development skills. It allows you to explore internal and external areas, influences and environments relevant to your project.


This template directs you on how to conduct a situation analysis with step-by-step guidance and action points on every page. With a marketing focus, this template is ideal for graduates, creative professionals, students, entrepreneurial minds - you name it!


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  • Overview


    The Situation Analysis portfolio template replicates the first stage of any successful business/marketing plan - market research. The sub-sections include compliance and policies, campaign market and PEST analysis with key action points on what research to apply throughout. From this, you can assess the internal and external environment to understand your project’s capabilities. It was originally designed as part of a startup research strategy but has been modified to accommodate a range of projects, best suited to marketing campaigns and business plans. The bespoke design and structure makes it the perfect template for you! 


    What's inside?


    The template comprises 21 pages in total providing frameworks on project planning, legal responsibilities, environment assessments, PEST analysis and more.