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'Will a portfolio really help me land my dream job?'

flo. has helped hundreds of students, graduates and young professionals achieve their career and academic dreams through the implementation of a portfolio. 

Read our case studies below 

'Thanks to flo, I landed my dream internship working with Grace Beverley!' 

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'After interning with flo, I decided to develop a creative CV to apply for a podcast internship with Grace Beverley - after posting it on TikTok, Grace herself noticed it which put me in good stead against other candidates!'

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'Never let a lack of experience limit you from  shooting your shot!'


But what happened next?

'I was then invited for an interview and knew I had to bring something to the table to ensure I got the job. That's when I turned to flo! I used flo's Marketing Template to present my own ideas for the role...'

Take a look at how Lauren adapted flo's template below


Hear how Laureana landed a 
Facebook internship using her portfolio. 


'Finding flo. on Tik Tok helped me in so many ways. Before flo, I thought portfolios were just directed to arts (graphic design, photography, etc.) but now I see it as an incredibly powerful tool everyone can use for their career.

They didn't ask me for a portfolio, but thanks to your TikToks and guides, I decided to do it anyway and they loved it!


Flo has so many levels. I recommend everyone to keep up with flo's content as you never know when that knowledge will be important for your career.'


How Lewis used flo's portfolio template to land a job at Ecologi.

Flo changed the whole game for me when it came to applying for jobs. After two months of applying for any marketing job I came across, I was introduced to Flo on Tiktok where I was introduced to the power of the portfolio.

Ecologi - Hug a Tree Campaign flo website_Page_01.jpg

After purchasing the marketing portfolio and using the template on InDesign to create a marketing campaign concept, I felt ready to apply for jobs that I actually wanted! 

Half-way through I was stopped by the hiring manager and was told that it was the 'best presentation of a campaign that they had ever seen... long story short, I got the job!'

'My portfolio idea got me a degree apprenticeship at Unilever!'

'Hey flo! I dropped out of university this year studying media and because of your portfolio ideas, I created a mock-up campaign which I've been using in interviews!


Now I've got a degree apprenticeship with Unilever in their office and that's all because my portfolio idea showed my creativity without me just talking about it! Thank you so much.' - Humera, Feb 2022.


Meet Michell!

Hear more about how she used flo. as a resource to land a social role in the entertainment industry.


Sydney’s Story.

Read about how Sydney landed a Talent Marketing Assistant role using flo’s templates.

I used the structure and examples provided to help clearly layout a Creative Campaign Proposal and the interviewers loved it!

‘I came across flo. on TikTok and immediately followed! The advice and insights provided really helped to build my confidence in putting my experience to paper and also made me realise I have more experience than I originally thought! All I needed was a way to structure and show it off.


I downloaded the free template guide and purchased the all in one template from flo. as I had a presentation for an upcoming interview. Thank you flo. for helping me land my new role!'

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