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Content Proposal Template

Content Proposal Template


Looking for a professional way to present your idea? We’ve got you. 


With step-by-step guidance points, industry expertise and advice, flo’s Content Proposal Template allows you to communicate your project or campaign effectively and effortlessly. Whether you're a graduate who wants to create a fake content campaign to impress employers at an interview, a freelancer who wants to pitch a content deck to a client or a student who wants to present a university project to lecturers, this multi-purpose, sleek template is perfect to captivate any audience.

  • **PLEASE NOTE** The template has been adapted slightly from the version showcased on TikTok. The design and overall structure still remain the same however, some of the text and graphical elements have been edited. Please contact flo. if you have any questions regarding this before purchasing. 


    So, what’s inside? 


    This 20-page template comprises 7 chapters in total (as well as an introduction) to convey your content strategy, idea or campaign in the best way possible. 


    Chapter 1: Aims & Objectives. 

    Chapter 2: Content Audit. 

    Chapter 3: Customer Profile.

    Chapter 4: Strategy.

    Chapter 5: Marketing.

    Chapter 6: Content Creation.

    Chapter 7: Conclusion


    There's also separate pages dedicated for your campaign/project title, an introduction and a small note to thank viewers/readers. The template also provides space for you to include project visuals or mockups if needed.


    Struggling to think of an idea on how you could use this template? Here are a few to get your brain ticking: 


    • A ‘fake project’ content pitch for a brand you love. 

    • A social media content campaign for an awareness date coming up e.g. Valentines Day

    • A new content strategy pitch for your own personal brand 

    • A content proposal for internal marketing channels at your place of work

    • A client content pitch, showcasing what you could do to improve their existing strategy


    You’ll have everything you need to deliver a successful campaign pitch.

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