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Influencer Marketing Template

Influencer Marketing Template


Want to present an impressive Influencer Marketing Strategy but not sure where to start? Look no further. 


With step-by-step guidance points, industry-level expertise and professional designs, flo’s Influencer Marketing Strategy Template allows you to communicate your influencer-focused project or campaign effectively and effortlessly. Whether you're a graduate who wants to create a ‘fake project’ influencer campaign to impress employers at an interview, a freelancer who wants to pitch an influencer strategy idea to a client or a student who wants to present a university project to lecturers, this multi-purpose, sleek template is perfect to captivate any audience.

  • *PLEASE NOTE: the influencer idea within this template has been created based off an hypthetical concept using ASOS as an example. This strategy has never been used by ASOS, the framework is just an example to provide inspiration.


    So, what’s inside? 


    This 24-page template comprises 10 chapters in total, providing you with an effective framework to pitch or present your influencer marketing strategy, idea or campaign in the best way possible. 


    Chapter 1: Campaign Overview.

    Chapter 2: Target Audience.

    Chapter 3: Aims and Objectives.

    Chapter 4: Production Schedule.

    Chapter 5: Campaign Research.

    Chapter 6: Creative Concept.

    Chapter 7: Social Strategy.

    Chapter 8: Influencer Profiles.

    Chapter 9: Content Planning.

    Chapter 10: ROI Projections.


    There's also separate pages dedicated for your campaign/project title and a small note to thank viewers/readers. 


    Struggling to think of an idea on how you could use this template? Here are a few to get your brain ticking: 


    • A ‘fake project’ influencer marketing proposal for a brand you love (this could be used in a interview marketing task situation).

    • An influencer marketing campaign plan for your own small business. 

    • A new influencer marketing pitch for internal marketing channels at your place of work

    • A client marketing pitch, showcasing what you could do to improve their existing influencer marketing strategy


    You’ll have everything you need to present a successful influencer marketing strategy.

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