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The Full Portfolio Template

The Full Portfolio Template


The full portfolio template provides you with the foundations to develop your very own career tool, marketing strategy or business plan. It's a versatile resource that can be adapted to suit a range of different industries, purposes and projects. 


This template directs you on how to develop your portfolio content with step-by-step guidance and action points on every single page. With a marketing focus, this template is ideal for graduates, creative professionals, students, entrepreneurial minds... you name it!


Please read the full product description before purchasing.

  • Overview


    flo.'s full portfolio template is a comprehensive guide to help support people with content creation surrounding the marketing and business environment. It's an in-depth business plan with a concentration on marketing meaning that it can serve multiple purposes - these include marketing education, career progression and business development. It was originally designed as a startup research strategy but has been modified to accommodate a range of projects, best suited to marketing campaigns and business plans. The bespoke design and structure makes it the perfect template!


    What's inside?


    The template comprises of 9 chapters in total, these include...


    Chapter 1: The Concept. This chapter is the initial stage of developing your business plan/marketing strategy. The framework provided allows you to brainstorm concepts, analyse skills and ultimately, decide what the project will entail. 


    Chapter 2: Situation Analysis. This chapter is the second stage of any successful business/marketing plan, research. The sub-sections include compliance and policies, campaign market and PEST analysis with key action points on what research to apply throughout. From this, you can assess the internal and external environment to understand your project’s capabilities.


    Chapter 3: Market Research. Here you can look into the size of the market, competitor activity and consumer trends to determine the viability of your project.


    Chapter 4: Brand Identity. This chapter involves sculpting a brand identity/aesthetic for your campaign/business - defining a purpose, logo and aesthetic that your audience will resonate with. 


    Chapter 5: Pricing Strategy. This chapter enables you to develop a price plan for your business or a budget for your marketing campaign. The sub-sections provide frameworks for you to research pricing theories and industry insights, which then can be translated into a financial/budget plan.


    Chapter 6: Communications. The section allows you to explore the most effective methods of communication for your business/campaign, including a range of marketing outputs and materials. 


    Chapter 7: Clients. Here you can look at creating positive customer relationships with your audience looking into the consumer journey and developing a clear production plan. 


    Chapter 8: Assignments. This chapter will involve developing the final deliverables for the campaign/business (client/consumer-facing outputs) bringing the project to life with tangible content.


    Chapter 9: Future Ventures. This chapter will involve looking at future opportunities to evaluate how the business/marketing campaign could evolve.

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